Alden & Harlow – Lead Host

The Lead Host at Alden & Harlow must strive to create memorable guest experiences by utilizing established steps of service, personality and restaurant atmosphere.

Core Responsibilities

  • Elevate all guest experiences by providing exemplary first impressions at the door.
  • Deliver memorable dining experiences by addressing all customer issues promptly
  • Maintain a safe and organized workspace, including storage, coat closet, and host stand
  • Support all facets of service, including takeout, patio service + private events
  • Maintain and organize menus, manage reservation system, and organize restaurant supplies in an efficient and thoughtful manner. 
  • Execute opening and closing side-work such as menu maintenance, window cleaning and bathroom restocking.
  • Greet and check in all guests and provide guests with accurate information regarding their reservation or the current wait time for a table.
  • Inform guests of all on-site amenities and any relevant information that is needed to use them.
  • Assisting with the tidying of tables, clearing place settings, and keeping the dining area neat and pleasant.
  • Setting tables and rearranging the dining area to accommodate larger groups and prepare the restaurant for special events.

Leadership Responsibilities

  • Exhibit great professionalism while working with Management and the Host team to plan nightly seating charts in Open Table while also accommodating walk-ins and maintaining the waitlist.
  • Act as primary contact at the host stand, facilitating takeout orders and communicating with support staff to ensure tables are being reset in a timely manner and ready for a steady flow of guests during peak hours.
  • Communicate any unique guest requests to Management to ensure guest satisfaction.
  • Lead organization of the host stand and execution of opening and closing side-work.
  • Initiating deep cleaning projects for the host team, with the guidance of Management.
  • Lead the training of new Host staff to ensure that the guest experience is the same from shift to shift and that any member of the Host staff can be interchangeable between all locations in the group.

To apply, please send your resume to the email provided below.

Employment Type(s): Full-time
Base Pay: $19-$23/hour

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