Surf & Turf BBQ Grilling Class

The Smoke Shop

Up your grilling game for the summer with a lesson or two from the Smoke Shop’s pitmaster and expert, Andy Husbands. The team at Smoke Shop Assembly Row is putting together a Surf and Turf BBQ Grilling Class on Saturday, May 4th, so you can perfect your seafood and meat grilling skills. Husbands will highlight why high-quality meats and seafood are a great match and how to improve every meal with great techniques on the grill. Tickets are $125 each and include a demo on how to smoke, grill and roast different types of beef and seafood along with sides and sauces to accompany them. There’ll also be a whiskey demonstration led by Carl McCoy (Smoke Shop’s very own Director of Ops) and a recipe packet to take home with you. Grab your tickets here and view the menu below!

Clam Bake on your Grill
Smoked Salmon Side with Chow-Chow

Grilled Salt & Pepper Baby Backs
Pork Belly Bahmi
Steven Raichlen’s Caveman T-Bone Steak with Hellfire Hot Sauce

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