Offsuit Bartender Takes Top Honors


Next time you’re in the Leather District give a big round of applause to Offsuit’s Samantha Ruth, who recently won first place in The Vero Bartender 2024 national cocktail contest from Amaro Montenegro. The talented bartender took top honors in the semifinals in Phoenix, Arizona which challenged drinks makers around the country to reinvent cocktails from the 1990s. As the U.S. winner, Ruth will now head overseas for the Global Final and the Amaro Montenegro Residency Program in Bologna, Italy, for a week.

“I’m beyond grateful and elated to represent my home bars overseas in Italy,” Ruth said, “and excited to create chaos in the Offsuit fashion.”

You can try her award-winning cocktail — Transit to Bologna with Montenegro, Persimmon Cordial, Coco Dry Curacao, Acidified Mandarin and Amontillado — at the lovely lounge tucked into Troquet on South starting on Tuesday, April 9th, but if you really want to go all out, hop on the private jet and head to Bologna yourself for an Offsuit pop-up at Donkey Speakeasy on Monday, April 8th.

Check out more info about the competition here, and be sure to keep an eye on Offsuit’s IG for all the pics from the gang’s big week in Italy.

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