New Bar Menu at Moona

Make a trip to Inman Square’s Moona to check out the newly-launched bar menu. The Eastern Mediterranean restaurant debuted five… Read more

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Bazaar Mezzana

Don’t shop local on an empty stomach! Bazaar Mezzana is back this year on Saturday, December 14th, bringing a sleighful… Read more

A Toast to Women on Food

On Wednesday, December 18th, gather at Sofra with Chef Ana Sortun and Pastry Chef Maura Kilpatrick as they welcome special… Read more

Fat Baby Holiday Karaoke

Get ready to belt out Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” (among other holiday hits), because Fat… Read more

Santa Is Coming to Hudson

Not even St. Nick can resist the lure of New City Microcreamery, and Santa’s sweet tooth is calling him to… Read more

Champagne Cocktail Class

Add some effervescence to your entertaining arsenal this Christmas with a Champagne Cocktail Class at Rebel’s Guild. On Tuesday, December… Read more


Myers + Chang Dumpling Class

The holidays can be hectic so if you’re craving a chance to ditch the chaos, spend your Saturday making dumplings… Read more

Gingersnap Cookie

Take a page from pastry chef Ryan Pike’s (cook)book and make these gingersnaps for your loved ones this season. The… Read more

BYO Gingerbread House

This Christmas, get to Lincoln Tavern in Southie for a house party that’ll knock your stockings off. On Tuesday, December… Read more

Cream Wafers

Everyone should be a fan of sandwich cookies. Why? You get two treats disguised as one (plus a delicious filling… Read more