Nightshade Clam Shack Returns

Nightshade Clam Shack/Alyssa Blumstein

There’s no going back to winter now that Lynn’s Nightshade Clam Shack has announced their opening day: Thursday, May 2nd. It wouldn’t be a trip to Nahant Beach without a stopover for snacks at chef Rachel Miller’s New England coastal takeout pop-up, which is back for a third season this year. Get your picnic basket out of storage, shake out the beach blankets, and get ready for bites like Warm Viet-Cajun Lobster Roll made with lemongrass Cajun butter, crispy garlic and scallions; the Big Ass Salad Box; and Cajun Lobster Cake Banh Mi (check out a sample menu below). It’s never a bad idea to add a few coconut margaritas from the Nightshade Noodle Bar menu, or even a Domestic Delights Amaro Flight, which includes 3 1.5 oz bottles of American amari, either.

Order your food online here between 11:00am and 2:00pm any Thursday through Sunday, then pop by Sin City Superette on Exchange Street to collect your feast. You can stick around to nosh under Sin City’s patio umbrellas (or indoor seating on rainy days), or take everything to go to picnic where you please (and just as a pro tip it’s good to know that UberEats will deliver food right to the beach). Things may change as the season unfolds, so keep up with the ‘Shack’s menu all summer long on their IG, which will post weekly specials and menu updates, and be sure to snag a signature Clam Shack hoodie now before they sell out!

Nightshade Clam Shack Sample Menu

Brioche Rolls

Fried Salt and Pepper Clam Roll
Green chili lime sauce, secret dressing $30

Warm Viet-Cajun Lobster Roll
Warm lemongrass cajun butter, crispy garlic, scallions $30

Crispy Rock Shrimp Roll
Funky fermented red chili sauce, thai basil, fried shallots $30

Bánh Mì

Chili- Ranch Soft Shell Crab Bánh Mì
Thai basil butter sauce, cucumber, pickled carrot + daikon, jalapeños $28

Blackened Catfish Bánh Mì
Picked green tomato remoulade, cucumber, cilantro, jalapeños, secret sauces $26

Cajun Lobster Cake Bánh Mì
Picked green tomato remoulade, cucumber, cilantro, jalapeños, secret sauces $30


Fried Clam Box
Spicy tamarind + coconut ranch dips, shredded cabbage salad $30

Fried Smelts Box
Bột chiên fries, crispy sugar snap peas, dill pollen, gribiche $28

Big Ass Salad Box
Chilled shrimp, shredded cabbage, citrus nước chấm, spicy peanuts, every herb $28

Mixed Seafood Box
Fried clams, smelts, scallops + rock shrimp
with choice of two sauces (cabbage salad-gribiche, coconut ranch or spicy tamarind) $32

Viet-Cajun Seafood
All served in a bag of Nightshade Noodle Bar’s signature lemongrass cajun butter
add corn $1 | add potato $1 | add andouille $2

Gulf Shrimp $18

Crawfish $18

Stone Crab Cluster $24


Banana Pudding Cup
Nilla wafers, bananas, whipped cream $7

Chocolate Pudding Cup
Oreo crumble, whipped cream $7

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