Frozen Drinks for the Hottest Days of Summer

When the dog days of summer start to roll in, there’s nothing more refreshing than a cold drink. While there’s no shortage of cocktails that’ll keep you cool, the hottest days of summer might call for something a bit stronger than your basic iced beverage. This season, frozen drinks — frojitos, frosé and boozy popsicles, just to name a few — reign supreme. Check out the roundup below to see who’s serving up the most creative slushy cocktail, and get ready to enjoy a boozy brain freeze.

Back Bay Social Frosé

Beat the heat at Back Bay Social. With frosé all day and lots of refreshing sippers to cool you off, this Boylston Street spot could easily become your after work paradise. You can snag a seat outside on their patio or chill out indoors with the AC on full blast and a full glass of something icy in hand.


Balani – Point Break

Balani, the newest addition to chef-owner Dave Becker’s arsenal of area restaurants, gets creative with frozen drinks. Head for the Moody Street spot in Waltham for frozé sangria or one of many slushy concoctions like the bright green Point Break (pictured below), a potent and refreshing combo of St. George Gin, Nigori Sake, kiwi purée, cucumber juice, Luxardo Bitter Bianco and lime juice.


Buttermilk & Bourbon – Frozen Voodoo

A magical summer sipper has come to fruition — Buttermilk & Bourbon‘s new beverage, Frozen Voodoo, is sure to cool off your taste buds. A medley of pineapple, sparkling rosé, limoncello, Grey Goose, and fresh lemon, this icy drink is a summer must-try.


Chopps – Strawberry Sorbet Sipper

Sip, maybe dip, and enjoy a Chopps summer addition – the Strawberry Sorbet Sipper. This medley of icy happiness mixes vodka, strawberry basil simple syrup, and is topped with sorbet. Head on down to the Burlington spot to enjoy this breezy beverage.


Citrus & Salt – Tequila Take the Wheel

Citrus & Salt’s latest elevates the concept of summertime popsicles. This multifaceted cocktail includes a glass of habanero-infused cazadores blanco, coconut, naranja (orange, for the gringos) and lime alongside a tequila sunrise popsicle. If the name is any indication, you might want to leave the keys at home and enjoy Tequila Take the Wheel.


Empire – Pineapple Mai Tai

If you’re daydreaming of being on a beach with a frozen tiki beverage in hand, then head to Empire to sip on this fresh, summery drink — which comes in its very own pineapple (glassware doesn’t get any greener than that). The Pineapple Mai Tai serves two ($29) and can be ordered as Classic with Bacardi 8 & Ron Zacapa or White Mai Tai with Ciroc Pineapple. A true blend of vacay vibes that are meant to be shared. Aloha, delicious!


Glass House – Frojito

Everyone loves a mojito, but Glass House has transformed this classic cocktail into frozen form — the Frojito, if you will. A mix of Bacardi silver rum, lime juice, and fresh mint simple syrup, this tropical beverage goes hand-in-hand with summer. But hurry in, as they make limited quantities daily.


Harvest – Poptails

Summer cravings are being addressed on a whole new level this year at Harvest, with their latest paired combo — Poptails & tacos. The menu is comprised of five boozed up popsicle cocktails, alongside a taco, and has every desirable mash-up imaginable. From a spicy margarita with a mango jalapeno popsicle paired with a grilled Avocado Taco to a mimosa with an orange creamsicle paired with a churro taco, the possibilities are endless. Cool off, wind down, and snag these (pop)ular treats.


La Piazza Eataly – Frosé

As far as summer to do lists go, don’t forget to Frosé your day away at La Piazza, Eataly. This bright pink delight uses a Syrah-based rosé from Tuscany for the fruity notes, Brachetto dessert wine, sugar, lemon juice, and a secret Eataly ingredient for the bright, floral undertone. Add a little Tuscan tranquility to your day and swing by to try this luscious frozen drink.


Lion’s Tail – Frozen Gin and Tonic

You might think you’ve tried every variation on a G+T but here’s a new one: the Frozen Gin and Tonic from Lion’s Tail. The cocktail, frozen to perfection and topped with grapefruit, lime, and a sprig of fresh rosemary, is the perfect mix of cool and citrusy. No other drink will taste as refreshing.


Little Donkey – Kyoto Kreamsicle

Looking for little bites and a summer cool-down spot? Little Donkey has just what you need: tapas and a new frozen libation. The Kyoto Kreamsicle mixes a rum blend, Strawberry Aperol, pineapple, and lime – the perfect boozy balance of a guilty pleasure and summertime refreshment.


Mamaleh’s – Malted Brandy Alexander

I scream, you scream, we all scream for…Malted Brandy Alexander? That’s what Mamaleh’s is servin’ up this summer — a milkshake with a boozy edge. This sweet treat has cognac, homemade creme de cacao, vanilla ice cream and nutmeg.


Osteria Posto – The Bramble

The bar team at Osteria Posto blends ginger beer, blackberries, lemon and New Amsterdam gin together to make The Bramble, their tasty and timely addition to this season’s roster of frozen drinks. Swing out to Waltham to try this refreshing – and good-looking, too! – summer beverage.


Painted Burro – Burro Colada

Fruity, frozen, and frilled with a mini umbrella. What more could you ask for? Blending Barbancourt rhum with Burro colada mix and coconut, the Painted Burro‘s Frozen Burro Colada is just the drink to cool you off on a sweltering day.


Publico Street Bistro – Spiked Lemonade, Frosé & Dark ‘n’ Stormys

Just when you think you can’t take the heat any longer, it’s Publico Street Bistro to the rescue. The South Boston bar and restaurant has an array of frozen drinks to keep you sane no matter how hot it gets. Try the Spiked Lemonade, made with citrus vodka and limoncello, the Dark ‘n’ Stormy, made with Gosling’s black seal and ginger, or Frosé, made with frozen rosé wine and vodka.

Rail Stop – Boozy Popsicle

It’s no secret that sparkling wine and fresh fruit are a match made in frozen drink heaven. As the temps rise during the steamy summer-in-the-city, you can head Rail Stop Restaurant & Bar in Brighton for their Boozy Popsicles. Made with a medley of berries and Moët champagne, this frozen delight will be your most beloved treat ’til back-to-school season.


The Industry – Berry Frosé

There are many different ways to beat the heat, but The Industry is servin’ the berry best way to cool down this summer. Their Berry Frosé is composed of fresh berries, a hint of citrus, and Three Olives Rosé as the backbone — a blended summertime treat.


Vicki Lee’s – Iced Dulce & Strawberry Smoothie

If you’re in search of something slushy without a boozy kick, get to Vicki Lee’s. The Belmont bakery has options like their Iced Dulce, which blends espresso, coffee, and sweet condensed milk, and is topped with fresh whip cream and chocolate shavings — a sweet treat with a boost of energy. Or if you’re feeling a little more fruity, their Strawberry Smoothie blends fresh strawberries, orange juice, and a touch of simple syrup, all pureed and finished with a dollop of fresh whipped cream.



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