Tequila Tasting in Cambridge

camaralenta from Getty Images Pro via Canva

You may think of tequila mostly as a spicy spirit to mix with soda, but there’s a lot more to it, starting with the fact that it’s named for a recognized Appellation of Origin (AOC) region of Mexico that encompasses 181 municipalities in five states. Learn more interesting tequila facts as you sip your way through Tequila is a Region, Agave is a Culture: A Guided Tasting at The Lexington on Saturday, April 27th. Chef Will Gilson’s in-house drinks expert Jared Sadoian will take you on a tasting journey through some of the most important benchmark tequila and mezcal-producing regions at the Cambridge Crossing digs starting at 4:00pm, and you can swipe a ticket or two here for just $55 each. Get all of your burning agave questions answered, and then maybe stick around afterwards for dinner on the deck by grabbing a reservation here or by calling 617.945.1349.

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