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Whether you land at the shiny new Boston Landing by car or by train, Rail Stop Restaurant & Bar has what you need to recover from your journey. Built on the grounds of the 19th century Brighton Station, Rail Stop delivers elevated New England fare and craft beverages to both locals and travelers. It’s a posh modern take on the traditional tavern, offering comfort food to the weary and a fine dining destination to those looking for a hot new spot.

The food at Rail Stop is just what you need after a long train ride—hearty, classic, and familiar. The menu provides a lineup of elevated usual suspects, from soups and salads to fresh seafood and dry-aged steak. Both the ingredients and the inspiration are fresh, local, and seasonal, with quick lunches and bar snacks available if you’re waiting for a train and full-spreads if you’re looking to relax over a quiet dinner.

The room is spacious and open, designed to look like both a train station and a train car. Exposed stone and brick walls lead the eye to high, barrel-vaulted ceilings, and dark wood grain and deep green banquettes are offset by peppy patterned tile, brightly colored barstools, and bubbly antique chandeliers. Floor-to-ceiling windows let the light in on one wall, and a rack of wine barrels adorns another. It’s a well-curated, fun space that gives off an air of being serious about not taking itself too seriously. The patio extends the fun out into the sun (weather depending, of course), with fire-engine furniture and fun umbrellas keeping al fresco dining a lighthearted affair.

The bar at Rail Stop is a place for locals and itinerants to mingle and bond over booze, and the selection reflects the restaurant’s new-stalgic vibe. Choose from a list of updated classic cocktails from the Golden Age of drinking, or try some of the house originals featuring homemade bitters, syrups, and cordials. There’s a whole section of barrel-aged cocktails too, for those with more mature taste. The beer list offers something for everyone, with rotating IPAs, Ciders, and seasonal selections mixed in with some of the biggest names in craft brewing. The wine list features recognizable vintners from around the globe, and the spirits list will have liquor nerds geeking out over hard-to-find rum, gin, and mezcal.

Rail Stop is equipped for a number of event options, with a 30-seat private dining room including its own bar, as well as a seasonal patio.

Rail Stop Restaurant & Bar
Boston Landing, 96 Guest Street
Boston, MA 02135