Sips of Summer: 13 Refreshing Cocktails

Looking for a collection of the perfect summer cocktails to inspire your next bar crawl? Here are 13 seasonal sippers from shrubs to spritzes to outlandish concoctions that’ll satisfy your craving for light and invigorating drinks. Seize the day (and the drinks) in the sunshine-y moments of the season, and start your summer cocktail expedition now.

Benedetto: Frutteto Shrub

There’s no denying that shrubs are making a comeback, and Benedetto is clearly on board with the puckery potion’s resurgence. Harvard Square’s Italian outpost is serving a Frutteto Shrub, featuring lots of goodies you’d find in Nonna’s garden (frutteto means orchard, afterall). Summer favorites like peach and strawberry make it into the mix, along with bourbon, sibona amaro and aged balsamic. The result is an expertly crafted, kombucha-esque sipper.


ArtScience Culture Lab & Café: Titi Monkey

Bar manager Tenzin Samdo is somewhat of a superstar around town, known for his inclination towards innovation, and the latest drink he’s created for ArtScience Culture Lab & Café certainly isn’t lacking in originality. His blend of egg white, matcha, pisco, sandalwood, orange peel, lemon and sugarcane comes together as the Titi Monkey, finished off with a cool-looking passionfruit flavored edible foam garnish.


Eastern Standard: Natiruts

Eastern Standard brings a taste of Brazil to Boston with their new cocktail Natiruts. Named after the acclaimed reggae band from Brasília, this tall glass of deliciousness is refreshing and tropical. It’s a riff on a traditional batida, using similiar ingredients like the now popular cachaça and coconut. The version you’ll find at the Kenmore Square spot also includes lemon, berries, honey and a splash of Fiddlehead IPA for good measure.


Fin Point Oyster Bar and Grill: Summer Sip

The unwritten rule of summer is that there must be endless rosé and Aperol Spritzes, and no one’s complaining. Fin Point Oyster Bar and Grill is taking this truism to heart, beautifully pairing together the aforementioned ingredients into their Summer Sip. It’s exactly as it sounds — a sexy fusion of sparkling rosé, grapefruit juice and Aperol. Be warned, there’s no guarantee that just one cocktail will be enough.


Les Sablons: The Fresh Business

The Fresh Business is the season’s must-try cocktail. Made with a Greek liqueur called Kleos Mastiha, Lunazul Blanco tequila, salted watermelon syrup, lime and basil, this beauty from Les Sablons is fresh, delicate and definitely Instagrammable. Take your time sipping to truly allow the complex flavors to come through.


North Square Oyster: Summer Lineup

North Square Oyster has prepared its summer lineup with a myriad of attractive cocktails, from a strawberry shrub for those craving some tang and seasonal fruits, to their own version of a Long Island Iced tea. Or order The Buzz, a house made coffee liquor that’s reminiscent of an espresso martini, to end your meal with a boost.


PAGU: The Jungle Pug

It’s love at first sip with PAGU’s deliciously breezy concoction of sake, campari, cynar, pineapple and lime. The Japanese tapas joint right outside of Central Square brings their obsession with pugs to the glass with The Jungle Pug. Take your orange-colored, mint-garnished refresher at the bar, or grab a table and pair your drink with any one of their trendy bao dishes.


Prairie Fire: Reverend’s Daiquiri

Bookworms will find the rum-based Reverend’s Daiquiri at Prairie Fire particularly drink-worthy — it’s made using Plantation Pineapple Rum Stiggins’ Fancy, a nod to the Charles Dickens character, Reverend Stiggins. It’s a tropical drink with just a few ingredients like lime and Tiki bitters that’ll have you asking, “Please, sir, may I have some more?”


Rowes Wharf Sea Grille: Aphrodite’s Potion

Have a date? Head to the Rowes Wharf Sea Grille for Aphrodite’s Potion to set the romantic mood. Strawberry purée is blended with Grey Goose vodka and St. Germaine liqueur, poured into a martini glass and topped with prosecco & mini rose buds (how adorable!). The sultry sipper is sure to give you the liquid courage you need for flirting and might help you snag a second date, unless you end up falling in love with the friendly bartender.


Southern Proper: Jungleland

Save yourself from the sweltering summer heat, and duck inside Southern Proper for a double rum libation. Jungleland has all of the exotic qualities of the jungle without the terrifying realities of being in an undeveloped forest (thank goodness). The citrus notes from Peychaud’s Aperitivo mix well with both the pineapple and dark rum, plus the lime and ginger syrup give a nice spicy/sour combo.


Temple Bar: Hibiscus Spritz

Pink drinks for the win! Temple Bar’s Hibiscus Spritz is the cure you’ve been looking for during those 90-degree days. This seemingly innocent aperitif is taken up a notch with the addition of California Citrus vodka and grapefruit.


Toro: Portland Gin & Tonic

The summer has taken off with full steam — quite literally — so ditch work and refresh yourself with Toro’s new Portland Gin and Tonic, using full-bodied Aria Gin straight from Oregon. Healthy doses of Bruto Americano, Pamplemousse and tonic are worked in, and the whole thing is served in a goblet-like glass with sliced strawberries. So, why haven’t you logged off your computer yet?


Viale: Killer Tan

Want a Killer Tan without having to sit outside? No sunscreen is required to enjoy this thirst-quencher. With both Spanish and Brazilian spirits like Cesar Florido Fino Sherry, Avuà Cachaça Prata, Cocchi Rosa Aperitivo, watermelon cubes and lemon juice, this drink from Viale might just become your warm-weather favorite.

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