New Chef at Banyan Brings Back Brunch

Banyan Instagram

After three years as the Executive Chef at The Gallows, chef Scott Jensen is moving on just a few blocks away at Banyan Bar + Refuge. His first move? Revamping the menus and bringing back weekend brunch, including a new $15 prix fixe. It comes with a Blackbird doughnut or fresh fruit (but really, who’s picking fresh fruit?), a cup of OJ, coffee and your choice of either french toast (it’s a cocoa-cinnamon brioche with sweet glaze) OR the American Standard (eggs however you want ’em — scrambled, over easy, sunny, hard, six minute — toast and either bacon or sausage or avocado). Find this deal every Saturday and Sunday between 11:00am and 3:00pm. Questions? Call 617.556.4211.

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