Competing Cocktails at Bambara

As the pennant race heats up, chef Nathan Powers and company at Bambara invite guests to choose sides with two new cocktails, the Green Monster and the Yankeetini. Sox fans can belly up to the bar and enjoy an expertly blended mix of Ketel One Citroen and Apple Pucker with a splash of Pear puree and a pear slice. Yankees fans can throw back raspberry vodka with a splash of Godiva white and light Crème de Cacao in a blueberry puree-pinstriped glass (drink slowly, now – careful not to choke). For guests who’d rather keep their team colors under wraps, there’s the raspberry gimlet – vodka, raspberry puree, fresh raspberries and fresh lime juice. Swing by the bar early (from 4:00-6:00pm) and enjoy your cocktails with a bite from the Five Under $5 menu. Call Bambara at 617.868.4444.

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