Truffle Days at Eataly

Eataly Boston

Mark your calendar for Eataly Boston‘s annual Truffle Days scheduled for Tuesday, November 24th and Wednesday, November 25th. Bring these luxurious Italian tubers home at the lowest price of the season, and add them to your holiday feasts. If you haven’t tried truffles before, now’s the time to snatch some up, small truffles (up to 15 grams) are normally priced at $8.90 per gram, but on these dates they will be $4.90 per gram. Medium truffles, from 16 – 70 grams, are generally priced at $9.90 per gram, but you’ll be able to buy them for $6.90 per gram. Find out all the ways to celebrate truffles at Eataly this season and enjoy truffling!

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