Toro & Coppa Support Liveable Wages

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Starting this month, both Toro and Coppa will be enacting a 3% Fair Wage and Wellness Provisions charge to food orders in an effort to help close the wage gap between back of house employees and front of house employees (who are typically tipped). The ultimate goal is to help offer fair, living wages to all employees.

“Our employees’ wellbeing has always been our top priority, and from paid leave to educational trips and creative training opportunities, we always try to push the envelope with benefits to keep them healthy and happy,” said chef-owner Ken Oringer.

“This is a natural continuation of that mission,” added chef-owner Jamie Bissonnette. “We’re lucky to have kitchen employees that have been with us for more than a decade in some cases. In addition to helping them support their families, we hope this charge will help with hiring and retention, which is getting increasingly difficult in Boston.”

The pair join other local restaurants that’ve adopted similar business models including the likes of Bar Mezzana, Shore Leave, Ledger, Yvonne’s, Sweet Cheeks and Tiger Mama. Pop in soon to show your support!

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