Summer by the Sea at Red Rock Bistro

Spend the 4th by the shore at the Red Rock Bistro in Swampscott where chef Lee Fannon celebrates summer with sink-sized sundaes and more softshell crabs than you can shake a stick at. Softshell crabs turn up on lunch, brunch and dinner menus – sometimes they’re pan-seared and sometimes they’re panko-crusted with Asian accents. Either way, they’re delicious and only around for a limited time. After dinner, enjoy (with a few friends) the ultimate ice cream lover’s indulgence – The Kitchen Sink Sundae. Designed to be shared by four or more people, the over-the-top dessert is made up of twelve scoops of Richardson’s Farm ice cream with more than a dozen assorted toppings (think: sprinkles, Oreo crumbs, hot fudge, strawberries) plus a mountain of real whipped cream, chopped nuts and a cherry. Call the Red Rock Bistro at 781.595.1414 to make the most of your summer.

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