Super Sundae Bowl

New City Microcreamery Instagram

The team at New City Microcreamery has created the ice cream lover’s dream version of fantasy football in the lead up to the Super Bowl — The Super Sundae Bowl.  Their talented ice cream scoopers and baristas are going head to head with their favorite flavors — everything from baklava and P.B.’s Reese’s to salted oreo and vegan chai almond.

Every Sunday between now and the big day, just head to their Insta page to see the week’s lineup and vote for your flavor (and barista) of choice in the comments. On Super Bowl Sunday (that’s February 7th just in case it’s not on your calendar), the champion will be announced and a grand prize will be given to the winning barista.

But how can you cast your vote without having tried all the flavors? An educated electorate is important, people! You can get all the glorious flavors delivered to your door and have yourself a full tasting rundown before the next Sunday rolls around. Pick the location closest to you (either Cambridge or Hudson) and order everything you need to prep. Get your spoons ready and play hard!

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