Ghost King Thai Returns


The team at Toro is spicing things up for February with the return of Ghost King Thai, their popular, take-out-only pop-up featuring a limited menu of all the hot, Thai-style fried chicken you could possibly want. Choose between sandwich, boxed meal or bucket (or try one of each while you can) and add on sticky rice, papaya salad or shrimp chips to cut some of the spice. For the opening week, it’ll run Tuesday, February 7th through Thursday, February 9th and then after that, it’ll be available Monday through Thursday through the end of March (and possibly beyond). Orders can be placed online here for pick-up between 5:30 and 9:30pm or online here for delivery via DoorDash. Lookout for updates on Toro’s IG, or follow the Spicy Thai-syle chicken king’s IG here and get ready for some heat.

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