Eat Local MA with SBN

Anne Preble - Unsplash

Boston restaurants — like Cambridge faves, Urban Hearth and Bondir — are doing their part to encourage people to shop and eat locally by way of the Eat Local MA initiative, organized by the Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts (SBN) and the Massachusetts Coalition of Local Food and Farms (MCLFF).

To do your part, just have a peek at the campaign website, and download the Eat Local MA App to find restaurants, farms, farmers’ markets, and food businesses committed to area farms or fisheries. Use the app to upload a photo of your meal or receipt from a participating restaurant or farms — and you could win prizes like coupons, gift cards and goodie bags from regional purveyors.

Restaurants can get involved for free by registering here, and by featuring at least 3 dishes that highlight ingredients from ’round these parts. The Eat Local MA event will run until September to help raise awareness of local food options and create connections in the food communities around Massachusetts. The the campaign organisers are the SBN and the MCLFF, reach out to or call 617.395.0250 with any Qs.

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