Ben Steigers Pops Up at Fool’s Errand

Fool's Errand Instagram

Friends of Tiffani Faison are taking turns taking over the Fool’s Errand kitchen this winter, beginning on Tuesday, January 15th. First up is chef Benjamin Steigers of Pabu — he’ll be bringing a Japanese-inspired spin to the snack bar’s small plates (find all of the delicious details below). Head for the Fenway spot between 5:00 and 11:00pm for these one-night-only specials, and if you can’t make it, don’t fret. Another guest chef takeover (featuring Louis DiBiccari) is in the works for Monday, January 28th.

Tiger Prawn Hot Cake – 12
Korean Chili, Sesame, Garlic Chive

Oyster Croquette – 8
Smoked Oyster, Parmesan, Mayo

Japanese Mackerel Sashimi – 16
Dill, Mustard, Whey

Marinated Tuna Donburi – 14
Charred Tuna Fat, Sushi Rice, Daikon Pickle

Uni Toast – 9
Brioche, Moromi Butter

Stuffed Chicken Wing – 12
Foie Gras, Soy Glaze

Beef ‘Ramen’ Tartare – 9
Crispy Noodles, Yuzukosho, Quail Egg

Grilled Mochi Sandwich – 6
Smoked Red Beet, Sesame

Cheesy Kimchi Fried Rice – 6
Kraft Single, Nori

Mochi Waffle – 4
Kokuto Sugar, Cinnamon, Rose Syrup

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