Try Humble Man Hot Sauces

Humble Man Original

Add some extra spice to the dog days of summer with fun and funky hot sauce flavors from Humble Man Original, created by Viale kitchen alum Kenya Welsh. When Covid closed things down, good friends and Viale co-owners chef Greg Reeves and Shauna Reyburn gave Walsh the run of their Central Square kitchen during off hours to cook up his concoctions and a booming business was born.

Now in its third year, Humble Man Original has a trio of sauces in the mix as well as a fourth, fruit-forward one they’ve just added to the rotation. There’s Livity, a mild combo of serrano cucumbers, mint and parsley; Everything Bless, a mango pineapple, ginger and habanero mix; and Burn Babylon, made with ghost chili, charred tomato, roasted red peppers, ginger and garlic. The newest kid on the block is SLAP (Sounds Like A Plan), made with peach and habanero.

Walsh’s hot sauce philosophy is more based on flavor than heat and pain, so they’ll complement (not overpower) whatever deliciousness you choose to adorn. You can take them for a whirl and see for yourself at Viale (maybe on your chicken parm if you pop in for dinner or perhaps on your smoked pork hash if you’re brunching instead) and then pick up a bottle or two (or three, or four – one of each!) to bring home.

Viale is open for dinners Monday through Friday, and for brunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday; make a reservation here or just stop by for walk-in seating. You can also just dive right in and order your sauce(s) through the Humble Man website to brighten up the last bits of summer.

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