Drink Rum, Save Restaurants

Privateer Rum Instagram

It may be a bit still before you can belly up to the bar at Central Square’s Little Donkey or sip a Mai Tai at Shore Leave in the South End but you can bring home rums hand-selected by their teams and help ensure they reopen when the time comes. Privateer Rum, based in Ipswich, is making some of their privately labeled, restaurant-approved bottles available to the public, with 50% of the profits from each one going to support Mass Restaurants United, a coalition of independent chefs and restaurant pros who’ve been working hard to keep the lights on across the industry.

So that means you can support your friends in kitchens and dining rooms all over town – your favorite neighborhood spot or special occasion go-to – just by buying some boutique, locally-made booze. Pick up a bottle of Garden City Single Barrel a cask strength rum selected for Sycamore and Buttonwood in Newton; stock up on Rapscallion a cask strength rum that you’d find on the drink list at Tiger Mama; or grab yourself some Per Terra a single cask rum selected for Terra at Eataly.

You can peruse all the options, read barrel details and tasting notes, and even place your order on the Privateer website. Stock up. It’s for a good cause (and you can never have too much rum on hand).

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