This Start Up Is Revolutionizing The Oyster Industry

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Dollar oysters may be one of the best deals around for seafood lovers but the current supply chain relies on middlemen and resellers for distribution, making it difficult for restaurant owners to source the beloved bivalves directly from shellfish growers. That’s where The Oyster Common comes in — the Boston-based company is doing big things to shake up an archaic (and frankly outdated) system.

Transparency & Traceability

In the traditional model, most oyster shipments change possession two to seven times (that’s a lot of different hands to touch the product!) before they get to the customer. With The Oyster Common software service, oysters are shipped quickly through a transparent supply chain with online ordering and overnight FedEx delivery to streamline fulfillment. The platform empowers oyster farmers to take control of their branding and keep their product from degrading in transport — sounds like a win-win!

Photo credit: Kelsey Gayle, Glidden Point Oyster Farms

A Look at Cunard Tavern & Johns River Oyster

The Oyster Common bridges the gap between oyster-seeking restaurants and the folks who grow the coveted treasures. Simply put, oyster farmers want to be spending time doing what they love — being out on the water harvesting impeccable shellfish, not in an office making sales calls. Take Dave Cheney for example from Johns River Oyster who runs a small, family business and would rather be focusing on his craft, not driving deliveries around in his truck. He uses the platform (and embraces the “to your door in 24” mentality) to connect directly with restaurants like East Boston’s Cunard Tavern.

Photo Credit: Dave Cheney, Johns River Oyster

The direct-to-chef program allows restaurants to place an order for a rotating selection of oysters to maintain variety in their raw bar offerings or stick with their favorites if there are clear bestsellers. Detailed product information is included with every shipment, which gives wait staff the knowledge they need to tell the story behind where the food comes from. And best of all? The Oyster Common can also design signage displays and menus to help market the offerings.

“The Oyster Common’s flexible ordering, high quality oysters, and assistance in marketing the oyster farm to table story has led to a 20% increase in our oyster sales.”

– Chef Anthony Pino, Cunard Tavern

Ready to Get Started?

Take farm-to-table to the next level and be at the forefront of what’s next for aquaculture. The Oyster Common is offering complimentary product demos to industry readers, so don’t wait to reach out. You can connect with the platform’s founder, Jon Pollak, directly at and follow them on Instagram to see what they’re up to.

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