Oak Long Bar’s Latest Farmer’s Market Cocktail

Provided by Oak Long Bar

Step aside, pumpkin spice. Peaches are still going strong, and they’re being put to good use in to Oak Long Bar’s latest sipper. Peach Me I’m Dreaming is the fourth Copley Square Farmers Market cocktail special. It’s made with peach infused bourbon, fresh grapefruit, bourbon-vanilla rooibos tea syrup and angostura bitters, and you can snag one at the restaurant’s bar or on the patio through the end of October. If you didn’t get the chance to try the spot’s previous three libations — Carrot On, Just Beet It and Mash Maize in Heaven — make sure not to miss this one.

“This is the perfect drink to begin the fall season, we’re not rushing into traditional autumn flavors,” said Sebastien Hopkinson, Bar Manager at OAK Long Bar + Kitchen, in a press release. “First, we combine delicious ripe and juicy peaches from Stillman’s Farm. We dehydrate them to intensify the sugars, and then let them infuse into our house bourbon blend for over a week. This results in a beautiful balance of the sweet peach flavor with oak and vanilla notes from the bourbon. We then combine the infusion in a cocktail with fresh grapefruit juice, and a vanilla and bourbon rooibos tea syrup (made using tea from J’enwey Tea Co., a local company) and a few dashes of angostura bitters.” Call 617.585.7222 with any questions.

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