Take it Outside: Jack’s Abby Citra Brau

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Jack’s Abby has been on a mission to make lager great again since its founding in 2011 by brothers Jack, Eric, and Sam Hendler. Their newest beer, Citra Brau, is another step toward reclaiming the category from the clutches of the multinational macrobreweries.

While most local breweries are nerding out over ales, Jack’s Abby has focused on its colder, crisper cousin, lager, meaning that they’re not only vying for attention in the craft brewing scene, they’re also directly competing with some of the biggest names in beer. Citra Brau is just the latest proof that they’re up to the challenge in this alcoholic version of David and Goliath.

This seasonal pour is a bright, springy Pilsner that cleaves to Jack’s Abby’s tried-and-true tradition of making German-style beer with American ingenuity. Here, that ingenuity comes in the form of a heaping helping of Citra hops infused throughout the beermaking process. This infusion, called dry-hopping, means you get all that citrusy, resiny goodness without the abrasive bitterness of traditionally boiled hops, making the beer very approachable and, with the help of a modest 5.5% ABV, very crushable.

Which is great, because it’s the perfect beer to crush with your crew on a patio – assuming there’s drier weather ahead. Lagers are light by design, but all those Citra hops enrich this one with a tropical nose and fruity notes that make it ideal for summertime sipping. It’s unfiltered, meaning the flavors aren’t stripped out by over-processing and this lager won’t get lost in your “just-looking-for-something-drinkable” dance at the package store.

Want to get your paws on a pint? You can find Citra Brau at your favorite Boston haunts like Eastern Standard in the Back Bay, Little Donkey in Cambridge, Drink in Fort Point, and at liquor stores everywhere in between. Use Jack’s Abby’s Lager Locator to pinpoint your nearest beer (here, use this handy beer finder), and save your palate and your pals from having to drink boring beer this summer.

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