Café Beatrice Opens in Allston

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Allston has a new café option starting today with the opening of chef Will Gilson’s Café Beatrice, which will be setting up shop for a six month stint. Plans for the pop-up were first announced back in April (shortly after the birth of Gilson’s baby girl, for whom the spot is named). The space is part of an initiative that hails from Harvard called the Zone 3 Project, an effort that aims to revitalize a section of Western Ave.

“I wanted to help create a place where residents could gather to enjoy a great cup of coffee and some tasty breakfast sandwiches, or log on and work on our patio while trying one of our healthy grain bowls with our house-made sodas for lunch,” said Gilson in a press release. “Creating a temporary pop-up is great way to test out some of the ideas and concepts that have been in my head for some time to see if they are embraced by the public.”

Have a peek at the menu below, then plan a trip to 182 Western Avenue between 8:00am and 5:00pm Tuesday through Saturday (though the hours may expand to 7:00am-7:00pm in the not-too-distant future). You can also keep an eye on their social media for deets and updates.

Coffee $2.50
Espresso $2.50
Macchiato $3.00
Americano $3.00
Latte $3.50
Cold Brew $3.00
Mocha $3.50
Cappachino $3.00
Tea $2.50
Chai $3.50

BREAKFAST 7:00 – 11:00am
The Bodega
(potato roll, American cheese, willry’s mayo, farm egg)

The Veggie
(roasted mushrooms, broccoli rabe, farm egg, provolone)

The Cali
(avocado, pastrami lox, farm egg, tomato, greens)

The Your Way
(black pepper brioche and farm egg)
-Choose meat: rosemary ham, Applewood bacon, maple-jalepeno sausage
-Choose cheese: American, provolone, aged cheddar, feta pimento cheese

sesame, poppy seed, onion, plain
-cream cheese or caramelized onion cream cheese
-pastrami smoked salmon +$6
-smoked bluefish pate +$5
-avocado BLT +$5

-banana and cocoa nib bread
-biscuit with honey butter and jam
-compost muffin
-sourdough waffle with Nutella
-salted oatmeal raisin cookies (2)
-brown butter chocolate chip cookies (2)
-greek yogurt with banana and “rainforest crunch” granola + $5

LUNCH 11:00am – close
Sourdough, 7-grain, brioche, cranberry pecan

Of course we have avocado toast
(cucumbers and everything bagel crumble) $6
-add pastrami smoked salmon + $6

ploughman’s lunch toast
(aged cheddar, pickles and onion chutney) $8

feta pimento cheese and mushroom toast $8
whipped ricotta with Nutella, olive oil and honey $8

aged cheddar grilled cheese on sourdough $8

croque madame
(swiss, mortadella and truffle honey on brioche) $10

BLT with avocado and herb mayo on 7-grain $10

braised pork
(broccoli rabe and aged provolone on sesame torta) $10

turkey, avocado and bacon
(cheddar and herb mayo on ciabatta) $10

italian grinder
(cured meats, cheeses and hots on ciabatta) $10

roasted chicken
(spicy mayo and muenster on focaccia) $10

grain, pea and sunflower pesto bowl
(with baby greens) $9

veggie, chickpea and feta bowl
(with baby greens) $9

cold sesame noodle bowl $9

kale caesar $9

chopped seasonal veg salad $10

thai cabbage salad $9

Add: hearth roasted free range chicken +$6
organic salmon
grass fed beef
grilled oyster mushrooms

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