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Dinners out on the town after work can make your weekdays feel really long, which is why the Island Creek Oyster Bar folks are hosting a weekend beer lunch instead. Protect your weeknights, and let loose on Saturday, March 23rd with the seafood-loving squad and their friends from Schilling Beer Co. Chef de Cuisine Brad Whitman has created a four-course lunch menu full of oysters, scallops and salmon (details of which can be found below) with carefully chosen pairings for each plate. If you’ve got questions about the brews, here’s the scoop on the makers: Schilling is family-owned (it was started by a proud papa and his four sons) and they’re focused on crafting artisanal European-inspired beers. Ready to get a bit tipsy mid-day? Save your spot for $65 per person plus a small processing fee.

Trio of Island Creek Oysters
Meyer Lemon Ice, ICO Caviar, Barbecue Butter
Resilience Hop Weave IPA

Seared New Bedford Scallop
Saffron Cream, ICOB Bacon, Trout Roe
Schilling Alexandr 10 Czech Pils

Whole Maine Salmon For the Table
Roasted Filets with Winter Citrus Mustard, Crispy Collars and Tails with Soy and Ginger
Resilience Combover IPA

Chocolate Swiss Roll
Modernism Ice Cream
Schilling Modernism Dark Lager

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