Prisoner Wine Dinner

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On Thursday, April 25th, come celebrate the freedom of spring with Prisoner Wines at Outlook Kitchen & Bar. Chef Tatiana Rosana has crafted a four-course menu to stimulate all your senses alongside four delectable Prisoner pours. Each course is risqué in its own way—they’re themed Raw, Spicy, Sensual, and Naughty—and utilizes the freshest springredients to bring out the best in the vino. Tickets are $69; click this way to snag yours and take a peek at the full menu below.

For the Table
Warm Charcoal Dinner Rolls
Blood Orange Butter

First Course

Oysters on the Half Shell, Pickled Watermelon, Bubbles, House Hot Sauce

Second Course

Corned Beef Croquette
Yucca Gnocchi, Sweet Shrimp, Calabrian Chilies, Cotjia

Third Course
The Prisoner & Thorn

Smoked Foie Gras, Charred Filet, Black Pepper Demi, Confit Cherries, Allepo Crisp

Fourth Course

Dark Chocolate Dipped Banana, Salty Nuts, Warm Créme Anglaise

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