Cafe ArtScience Explores the Future of Food

Cafe ArtScience

The future is going to be delicious. On Friday, September 29th, teleport yourself to Cafe ArtScience for an evening discussing the future of food, with various speakers, a futuristic meal, and an exhibition by Long Now, an organization focused on long-term solutions to humanity’s problems. The night begins with a conversation about the future of food with professionals like New Yorker food writer Nicola Twilley, founder of La Boulange Geoffrey von Maltzahn, and John Lamppa of Incredible Foods. Two representatives will be on hand to discuss the Long Now exhibit, and the evening will conclude with a 40-seat Long Now dinner, featuring cocktails from ArtScience’s pro mixologist Tenzin Samdo and the unveiling of the ArtScience Dog, the world’s first veggie-based hot dog in an edible mustard-and-relish packaging (served on a mini bun from pastry chef Giselle Miller). The talk is free, and the tickets for dinner are $125.

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