Dumpling Days at Empire


Looking for that little something extra to get you through to the end of the week? Empire in the Seaport has your back with Dumpling Thursdays, featuring drool-worthy dumpling deals that’ll make you feel like it’s Friday. Whether you like ‘em steamed or fried, you can dumpling ’til you drop with an oft-changing selection of handmade goodies like chicken and gow choy, beef and shallot, or classics like traditional potstickers. Practice your chopstick skills, because this party is on every Thursday while the kitchen is open. Check it out here for the full menu and details.

SHRIMP AND BAMBOO DUMPLINGS, steamed, shrimp, bamboo shoots, Thai chili soy
six pieces $14

CHICKEN AND GOW CHOY DUMPLINGS, steamed, Chinese chives, water chestnut, ginger soy
six pieces $14

BEEF AND SHALLOT DUMPLINGS, steamed, sirloin, shallots, spicy garlic soy
six pieces $15

CHICKEN AND MUSHROOM DUMPLINGS, pan fried, garlic soy, crispy shallots
eight pieces $14, sixteen pieces $24

TRADITIONAL POTSTICKERS, pan seared, pork, cabbage, caramelized shallots, house made chili garlic sauce
six pieces $15, twelve pieces $25

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