Cocktails from a Parallel Universe

Hey, hospitality peeps! Here’s your chance to try Hendrick’s new gin, which promises to transport you out of this world. On Monday, December 10th, transport yourself to The Hawthorne, where you can taste Orbium — what gin might be like in a parallel universe. Instead of their standard cucumber and rose, Orbium is infused with quinine and wormwood, elements traditionally tasted in gin cocktails (G&Ts and dry martinis, respectively). It also utilizes the bitter and beguiling blue lotus blossom, which isn’t a traditional cocktail ingredient but might be in, say, Alpha Centauri. It’s a free event, and the cocktail cosmonauts behind the bar will be happy to help you on your flavorful journey with specialty drinks and gin tastings. Check out the details (they’re slim, it’s very mysterious) and register here.

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