Big Reds Wine Dinner

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What’s big and bold and ready to be sipped on by you? Red wine, of course. It’s all about locally-sourced meats, cheese and fish (along with filled-to-the-brim glasses of your magenta-hued favorites) at CLINK.‘s upcoming wine dinner on Wednesday, January 22nd. Executive Chef Daniel Kenney is outdoing himself with a four-course spread and pairings between 6:30 and 9:30pm. Tickets are selling out quickly — wine lovers are hot to trot — so get a move on if you want in, too. Dinner is $115 per person plus a processing fee; scoop your spot up here.

Caveman Lamb Bite:
Charred Lamb Chops with DIY Malbec Jus
Gascon Reserva Malbec, Argentina

Fish with Red Wine Course:
Cured Chilean Sea Bass | Leek Confit | Sugar Beets | Veal Jus | Raw Greens | Bacon Vinaigrette
Eight Years in the Desert Red Blend by Orin Swift, California

Meat and Potatoes Course:
Cabernet Soaked Bone-In Prime Rib of Beef Carved in the Dining Room with Smokey-Creamy-Cheesy Potatoes
Bear Flag Cabernet Sauvignon, Sonoma County, California

Blue Cheese and Grapes Course:
Grey Barn Farm, Martha’s Vineyard “Blue Bird” | Hot Pickled Grapes | Honeycomb | Cranberry Nut Toast
Tuffo Amarone della Valpolicella, Italy

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