Jobs at Sportello

348 Congress Street Boston, MA 02210

Sportello is Chef Barbara Lynch’s modern interpretation of a classic diner serving trattoria- inspired Italian dishes, situated in Boston’s Fort Point neighborhood. Its fun, Italian spirit is captured in the sleek, minimalist design of the space. Sportello (Italian for counter service) features two “u”-shaped counters situated around an open kitchen, as well as traditional table seating and a lively 6-seat bar. The blend of traditional and contemporary may also be experienced in the design of the cuisine — handmade pastas, creamy polenta, and beautiful seasonal dishes— and in the supremely approachable, artisanal wine list created by James Beard Award-winning wine director Cat Silirie.

There are no jobs currently available at Sportello. On the up side, there are plenty of other open positions here. And, you can get weekly email updates on the latest job openings here.