Nightshade Noodle Bar Opens Sin City Superette

Chef Rachel Miller and the folks behind Lynn’s Nightshade Noodle Bar have just opened Sin City Superette, a funky little neighborhood market offering fresh produce, prepared foods, snacks and more. In addition to all the lovely eats, Sin City Superette is selling household supplies and hygienics in store, as well as merch online.

Previously a breakfast pop-up shop next to Nightshade Noodle Bar, the market is now fully open, working with a variety of local farmers, fishermen, produce vendors, and chefs. Many items are sold in smaller package sizes (i.e. half loves of bread, cps of buttermilk instead of quarters) to accommodate the small kitchens and busy lives of downtown Lynn residents.

The market is currently open Wednesday through Sunday from 7:00am to 10:00pm, stocking grab-and-go items and made-to-order items for lunch and dinner. Various options are available for in-store shopping and online for pickup and delivery, too.

For updates on hours, specials, and item availability, consult the Sin City Superette website or follow them on Instagram.

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