Looking for Cookies?

With a lot of holiday traditions off limits this year (no caroling, smaller parties, not a ton of travel), here’s one you can still do safely from the comfort of home: bake some cookies. Lots and lots of cookies. Over the years, Boston-based sweets-makers, confectioners, pastry chefs and bakers have contributed their favorite recipes for the annual 12 Days of Cookies feature on BostonChefs which means you can choose from more than…

60+ amazing cookie recipes!

There are familiar faves like gingerbread and sugar cookies, sweets from all over the world (Greece, Norway, Germany, Lebanon, Armenia and the Philippines just to name a few), giftable go-to’s like brittlefudge and biscotti and afternoon projects including macarons and shortbread. Take a peek at all of the glorious options and preheat the oven for an epic cookie-making session to get you into the holiday spirit.

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