Branch Line To-Go Dinners for Four

Branch Line has new family-friendly to-go dinners ready at a moment’s notice for those days (you know the ones). There are four different options to choose from including The Classic, which comes with rotisserie chicken (8 pieces), mixed greens salad, smashed roasted potatoes and four brownies, and the Steak for All, which includes grilled stack with garlic butter, sliced watermelon, roasted potatoes and a quart of sweet cream ice cream with caramel. Prices range from $45-$99, depending on your dinner choice, though they’re all designed to feed four hungry people. The Branch Line team believe in the craft of slow-roasted meats and spit-cooked vegetables creating a simple but sophisticated fare, and creating delicious family meals for all eaters. Order your next stress free dinner online here or call 617.420.1900 with any questions.

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