Your Daily (RWB) Dish: Crab

Feeling crabby (crabby. get it?) about Restaurant Week Boston wrapping up? No need. There’s still time to enjoy a prix fixe or two – crab-laden ones, at that! – before it’s all said and done. Chefs are highlighting the sweet and refreshing (not to mention versatile) crustacean in a myriad of dishes. You’ll find it frittered and fried up in cakes, adorning corn soup and paired with melon in a lovely seasonal salad. You just have to know where to look – here are a few hints.

Cinquecento – Corn soup with Maine crab and smoked chili

Haru – Bluefin crab and corn fritters with green onion, ginger, Thai basil and Old Bay dressing

Bond – Native tomato and Jonah crab gazpacho with avocado crema

Legal Sea Foods – Chestnut Hill – Two jumbo lump crab cakes with mustard sauce and a seasonal salad

Russell House Tavern – Crab and melon salad with white soy, sesame and heirloom radish

dbar – Chilled corn and local Jonah crab soup with avocado and sweet paprika oil

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