July’s Shrimp Festival at Magnolias

Satisfy your seafood craving this summer at MagnoliasShrimp Festival, running from Tuesday, July 4th through Saturday, July 19th. Chef John Silberman shows off his flair for southern style cooking with appetizers like grilled shrimp skewered with black mission figs over arugula dressed with black currant sauce; and fresh dilled shrimp salad surrounded by spicy gazpacho topped with a grilled shrimp. Entrees include a classic Louisiana shrimp boil complete with corn on the cob, baby artichokes, new potatoes and grilled andouille sausage all prepared in a spicy shrimp boil; and famous New Orleans barbecued shrimp sautéed shell-on in aromatic blend of garlic, rosemary and homemade Worcestershire sauce and served with rice and mixed veggies. Magnolias is open Tuesday through Saturday starting at 6:00pm, so call 617.576.1971 to make reservations.

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