A Foraged Feast in Canton

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The woods of Canton are brimming with delicious mushrooms and if you want to get a taste all you need to do is head to Northern Spy on Sunday, October 8th. Chef Marc Sheehan is teaming up with his friend Tyler Akabane, owner of The Mushroom Shop in Somerville, for a special five-course, family-style Wild Mushroom Dinner at the restaurant in the historic Paul Revere Heritage site.

There’ll be snacks like Black Trumpets on Garlic Bread, and Hedgehog mushrooms with oat and American chestnut stuffed wild grape leaves to start before digging in to courses like Milk Cap Mushrooms with Cornmeal Pancakes and Whipped Harbison Cheese; and Matsutake with Baked Buckwheat Pilaf, Yellowfin Tuna and Brown Butter (take a look at the menu below).

Dinner kicks off at 6:00pm and costs $85, plus there will be an optional beverage pairing. Grab your tickets here and give them a call at 781.989.1850 if you have any Qs. Check out more about Akabane and his foraging adventures on his IG or on the shop’s website.

Mushroom Dinner Menu

Black trumpet garlic bread
Hedgehog mushroom, oat and american chestnut stuffed wild grape leaves
Our Fries with mushroom ketchup
Oyster/Mushroom Stuffed Mushroom
Milk Cap Mushroom and cornmeal pancake with whipped harbison cheese

First Course
Matsutake with baked buckwheat pilaf, yellowfin tuna, brown butter,
Maine seaweed and juniper salt

Second Course
Braised chicken mushrooms, charred eggplant, smoked tomato butter, sweet corn samp

Third Course
Bitter greens with Mushroom Stem XO

Fourth Course
Hen of the woods mushrooms, Hearth roasted pork and celery root, smoked mushroom miso glaze, hazelnuts, apples, and sourdough bread sauce

Smoked Mushroom Miso Chocolate ganache tart, mushroom soy caramel, candied mushrooms and salted butter ice cream

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