Burger & Beer Blast

Little Dipper Facebook

Meet the masterminds behind BareWolf Brewing on Wednesday, January 16th at Little Dipper’s second Burger & Beer Blast. The crew from the Amesbury-based, family-owned operation — father and son duo Paul & Stevie Bareford plus their co-founding friends Matt Neff and Wyeth Bednar — will be swinging through JP to share their passion for beer with you. Chef Robyn McGrath has created a special a la carte menu just for the occasion. Think: the ultimate beer food — buffalo wings, Alabama white wings, cheese fries, a crispy chicken burger with miso curry aioli and mushrooms, a spicy Italian sausage burger with pickled sweet peppers and onion jam. And you’ll get the chance to chug down a few experimental ales from the BareWolf folks. No reservation or RSVP needed, but if you’re curious who might be going, check out the Facebook event here.

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