They Got Game 

Head into the wild – on Thursday, December 8th, chef Tru Lang and the Journeyman team step off the beaten path for a wild game dinner. Five sumptuous plates will be matched by rich Bordeaux wines, courtesy of Federal Wine and SpiritsLen Rothenberg. Venison carpaccio and Scottish hare are just a couple of the dishes on the very fine dining menu. Reservations for the complete experience – black truffle, dark chocolate, Sauternes and all – are $300 per person and can be made for 7:30pm by calling 617.718.2333.
Venison Carpaccio, olive
2000 Ch. Gloria St. Julien
Salade aux abats – offal, black truffle
2009 Ch. d’Issan Margaux
Squab and foie gras tourte
2000 Ch. La Forge St. Emilion Grand Cru
Lievre a Royale – Scottish hare, dark chocolate
1986 Ch. La Conseillante Pomerol
Tarte Tatin au Coing – quince, cognac
2011 Climens Barsac Sauternes

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