Industry Night at Ledger

Ledger Restaurant

On Wednesday, March 21st, get to Ledger in Salem to celebrate the people who make all the food and drink goodness possible. It’s Industry Night, sponsored by everybody’s favorite drink to grimace and knock back: Fernet Branca. The fun starts at 9:00pm (about lunchtime for service industry peeps), and the party don’t stop until ‘bout 1:00 in the morning. There’ll be tasty treats from Ledger’s kitchen, (check the menu here), cocktails and dreams from the bar team, and of course plenty of smooth, delicious Fernet Branca to wash it all down. Call the restaurant at 978.594.1908 for details, and nine-to-fivers who want in on the fun shouldn’t worry—there’s no secret handshake, it’s just a party.

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