Bar Pallino Pop-Up

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You can catch chef Katie Cheung in the kitchen at Bar Pallino (the stylish wine bar below Faccia a Faccia) every Tuesday this month for a Korean-themed pop-up. Throughout November the talented cooker, who came up in kitchens like Cloud & Spirits, Oishii, Menton & Kamakura, will be serving a curated menu of some of her go-to dishes including dosirak (a packed meal kind of like a Korean lunchbox and some a la carte extras – all of which will pair nicely with Bar Pallino’s wine list and their selection of sakes. Scope out the inaugural offerings below and make a beeline for Newbury Street between 5:00 and 10:00pm on an upcoming Tuesday. Bar Pallino doesn’t take reservations so you’ll have to just take your chances but you can call 857.991.1080 with any Qs or consult their insta for updates and sneak peeks.

Dosirak –  Tteokgalbi (short rib meatball), gamja salad (korean style potato salad), fried sweet potato threads, gyeran mari (rolled egg), pickled radish, myeolchi bokkum (sweet and salty stir fried anchovies), ojingeochae muchim (sweet/spicy dried squid), jangajji (assorted soy pickles), rice.   $24

Napjak Mandu (flat dumplings), Pa muchim (seasoned scallion) $12

Daepae samgyeopsal Doenjang Jjigae (thin sliced pork belly, fermented soybean stew) $16

Geotjeori (fresh kimchi) $3

Apple/pear kimchi $3

Oi muchim (cucumber salad) $3

Toasted rice Gelato w/ whipped coffee, dalgona $14

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