A Fernet-Filled Afternoon

Hoda Bogdan/Adobe Stock

The Butcher Shop has a bitter remedy for the bitter cold. On Sunday, February 23rd, they’ve invited their pal Dave Avery of Fernet Branca to step behind the stick and take over the bar. He’ll be shaking and stirring up a selection of cocktails featuring Fernet Branca and Branca Menta, the bracing, herbal industry-favorite winkingly known as the “Bartender’s Handshake” (order a shot and the bartender is likely to ask what bar you work at). There’s no cover, and the specialty cocktails will be available a la carte. Check ‘em out below, and if you can’t get enough bitter in your life, mark your calendars for Thursday, March 26th, when Dave will be back slinging Carpano Bitter and vermouth.

Apres Ski-Vo
Fernet Branca, Genever, Carpano Antica

Moda Milano
Rum, Branca Menta, Lime, Sparkling Wine

Bitter Bernardino
Fernet Branca, Punt e Mes, Borghetti, Lemon, Salt 

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