Get Flour’s Halloween Baking Kits

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All Hallows’ Eve is right around the corner and the team at Flour Bakery + Cafe is here to help you bake up batches of your favorite spooky treats at home. Award-winning pastry chef and cookbook author Joanne Chang has compiled her two favorite scream-tastic treats to help you have a fang-tastic Halloween. Each kit comes with almost everything you need (you might need to get some butter, eggs or milk) to make either Halloween Bat-Shaped Oreos ($29) or Halloween Mummy Cupcakes ($29) or both! Chang and her team at Flour pack up all the ingredients in handy and easily pick-up-able or shippable packages so you can make the week’s highlighted baked good on your own at home, or send a kit along to a baker you know who could use a spooky little boost. Get all the deets and place your order online here by Tuesday, October 26th so the treats arrive before Halloween. 

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