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Head to one of Flour Bakery’s cozy, eclectic locations across Boston and Cambridge, where the only thing that’s cookie-cutter is the cookies.

Flour’s menu can be summed up by the hometown bakery’s catchphrase: “Make life sweeter, eat dessert first!” You’ll find a range of delicious delectables made fresh in-house daily, from sticky buns to scones, donuts to danishes, with fresh takes on convenience-store classics and all the sweet old standards you’d expect to find hot out of the oven. But sugar isn’t the only fix you can satisfy at Flour; they’ve got a full range of sandwiches, salads, and soups to satisfy your breakfast and lunchtime cravings, with daily specials to keep your tummy on its toes. And there’s dinner too—head to the cooler for heat-it-yourself entrees from each location’s chef, as well as special holiday menus available for purchase and pick-up to make your Turkey Day or Easter Feast a little less hectic.

Each Flour location is its own bustling little hub of coffee-shop-slash-bakery activity, all with their own funky flair and neighborhood nuances that make them unique. But some things come standard, like a few tables and window seats for coffee meetings and quick lunches over soup and a sammie. Seating options vary, but they’re usually crowded, and outlets are rare, so don’t plan on lingering with your laptop. Get ready to jump in line at busy times and hope that pastry you’ve got your eye on is still available by the time it’s your turn, then watch the sandwich sorcerers work their magic from behind the open line and wait ’til your name is called.

If all this table-talk is making you thirsty, Flour’s got your back with a full range of coffeeshop classics. Each location boasts a full espresso bar, with creative specialty coffees, tons of hot and cold coffee and tea, and house made sodas to accompany the fresh squeezed juices and bottled selections. So whether you’re jonesing for a pick-me-up while strolling the streets of Boston or need an alternative to the Seattle-based-behemoths to get your morning cuppa, keep your eyes open for a Flour near you.

Flour Bakery + Cafe Breadquarters
19 Drydock Avenue
Boston, MA 02210