Sweet Cheeks’ ALCS Sweets

Sweet Cheeks Q

Here’s a sweet way to cheer on the Sox – Dee Steffen Chinn, pastry chef extraordinaire for the Big Heart Hospitality Group (the folks behind the likes of Sweet Cheeks Q, Tiger Mama and Orfano), has whipped up a special dessert for the ALCS (that’s American League Championship Series and the Red Sox are in it, if you’re just here for the desserts). Swing by Sweet Cheeks Q now through Wednesday (while the Astros are in town) to try Cake Me Out to the Ball Game ($10), a lovely little combination of peanut cake, caramel cream, peanuts and salted caramel sauce topped with house-made cracker jacks. It even comes in a mini Red Sox batting helmet that’ll make you feel like you’re part of the game day festivities (whether you’re heading to the park or tuning in from somewhere outside those hallowed walls). Sweet Cheeks will be open at 4:00pm so you can pop in before or during the game to give it a go (before or after your BBQ feast). Call 617.266.1300 if you’ve got Qs.

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