Pride Cupcakes from South End Buttery

South End Buttery Instagram

Whether you’re popping in for coffee and a croissant, grabbing a sandwich, sneaking an afternoon sweet or sitting down for dinner at South End Buttery, be sure to add one of their Pride cupcakes to your order (breakfast cupcakes!!). The neighborhood gem, known for its flawlessly executed locally-sourced comfort food, has combined a summer classic with everyone’s favorite frosted treat and given it some serious Pride vibes. Inspired by the iconic Creamsicle, this colorful  delight is made with Fluff frosting and rainbow-vanilla cake with a hint of orange for that luscious creamy citrus flavor. Each one is $3.85, perfect for a mid-morning pick-me up, a pre-meeting snack, after lunch nibble or just dessert. Stop in or order online before this special, limited-time baked good is gone.

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