Spoke Hosts Gaaeng Pop-Up


Head to Davis Square in Somerville on Tuesday, May 14th for the next stop on Gaaeng’s dinner series through Thailand at Spoke. The buzzy supper club will be popping up to explore the southern part of the country by way of dishes like Fried Shrimp Curry Fritters, Grilled Duck Heart Skewers, Skate Wing Curry and more. Check out the menu below and grab a reservation here. Dinner costs $110 per person and the fun starts at 6:00pm. Everything is served family style so bring a friend as well as a brave palate because southern Thai is known for its heat! Follow Gaaeng on IG for updates on where they’ll be in The Hub this summer, and give Spoke a call at 617.718.9463 if you have any Qs.

Gaaeng Southern Thai Dinner Menu
Fried Shrimp Curry Fritter | aralia leaves
Pickled Mackerel | palmyra vinegar, Budu sauce, cashew, roast coconut
Grilled Duck Heart Skewers | Gaw-Lae curry, pickled green banana ajaad
Sea Snails, Clams, Mussels Curry | betel leave, cha-om, sticky rice dough
Skate Wing Curry | okra, laksa leaves, garnicia cambogia, young tamarind
Fermented Rice + Coconut Ice Cream | sticky rice cake

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