Sycamore’s Super Bowl Line-Up

Adobe Stock / Ramon Grosso

Skip the dishes this year and let Sycamore quarterback your Super Bowl snacking. They’ve assembled a starting lineup of incredible spreads available by the half pint like spiced lentil dip, pimento cheese, and chicken liver mousse. Once you’re done dipping, move on to the main event with house-made sausages, smoked chicken wings, and their own Ghost of Mary mix to help with the halftime hangover. Everything is available in bulk, and there’s no pre-ordering required, just show up any time from 1:00pm on Friday, January 31st through to game-time. Email Lizzie if you’re worried about supplies lasting and she’ll put a hold on your favorites. Scope the menu below.

Kickoff Spreads

(1/2 pint each)

spiced lentil dip…10

pimento cheese… 10

smoked bluefish pâté… 12

chicken liver mousse… 10

Halftime Show

sausages (packs of two ~ full cooked + frozen):

pork + truffle… 10

duck + apricot… 12

smoked chicken wings (1 lb.)… 15

(10-12 wings, with ½ pint side of bourbon-bbq sauce)

Odds and Ends

milk jam… 8

ghost of mary mix… 10

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