13 Valentine’s Day Cocktails

The season of romance is officially upon us, and you’ve seen it everywhere — there are red roses, chocolate boxes galore, huge stuffed teddy bears on the drug store shelves, and heart-shaped …. well, heart-shaped everything. Whether you’re celebrating the holiday with your significant other or flying solo, you can find love-inspired sips at these spots around Boston. Peruse some of your options below, and get your bestie or bae to try them with you.

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Precinct Kitchen + Bar: Crimson Heat

Precinct Kitchen + Bar provides the passion in their Crimson Heat, a delicate mix of cherry, cranberry, vodka and vanilla. Turn up the temperature even more, and enjoy yours by the fire for extra warmth (plus, it’s a great excuse to cuddle with your cutie).


Temple Bar: Amortentia & Date Night

Harry Potter fans will love Temple Bar’s ode to the series; their Amortentia cocktail (named after the most powerful love potion in existence) is made with rum and has currant & chocolate flavors. Not into the wizarding world? Their Date Night drink has bourbon and date nectar that’ll have you smitten.


PARK: As Good as it Gets & Counterpoint Cocktail

Over the lovey-dovey spirit in the air? You’ll enjoy Park’s cleverly named drinks, which are a tribute to relationship woes and an overall less mushy approach to the holiday. If you’re feeling that seven year itch, find solace in sipping As Good As It Gets, made with rum and apricot brandy. Or if you had a fight before dinner, make up while enjoying the Counterpoint Cocktail with bourbon, gin, creole shrubb, maraschino and bitters.


Benedetto: Endless River & Negroni Scorretto

Romance is in the air at Benedetto, and they’ve got two specialty drinks for you and your sweetie. Choose smoky or sweet: revel in the rose-infused mezcal and Aperol combined with maraschino and lime in Endless River, or order the Negroni Scorreto with Campari, raspberry-infused hazelnut liqueur, sweet vermouth and prosecco.


Tiger Mama: Coconuts About You

Coconuts About You from Tiger Mama will make you feel like you’ve traveled somewhere off the Pacific. Rum, passionfruit, house coconut cream, pineapple and lime combine to make this dreamy concoction. Best of all, it’s served in a literal coconut and dusted with pink powdered sugar. Now that’s better than a box of chocolates, right?


Empire: Love Potion

Hoping the hottie you invited out might become your honey? Empire’s Love Potion may do the trick. It’s perfect for two and features pavan, ginger, strawberries and an upside down bottle of Chandon Brut. Here’s to sealing the deal with your darling!


The Hourly: Il Bacio and Between Me & You

Pair your plate of oysters (a known aphrodisiac) with one of the drinks at The Hourly. Il Bacio will be a Valentine’s Day-only special, served with gin, Aperol, blood orange and prosecco. If you’re fond of a darker drink, delight in the blackberry-infused bourbon and black Port used in the Between You & Me.


Explorateur: Plum-Thyme Cocktail Shooter

Plum and thyme are an unlikely duo (opposites attract, afterall), but the combo is the star of the show. Fresh and fruity, it’s the light indulgence you’ve been looking for among the heavy drinks of winter. Pair the Plum-Thyme Cocktail Shooter with the squash risotto on the menu at Explorateur for the full flavor experience.


Ocean Prime: Berries & Bubbles

This vodka-based drink from Ocean Prime, a Seaport staple, uses dry ice to create an elegantly over-the-top (albeit impressive) smokeshow that’s sure to impress your crush. A spoonful of fresh berries in the mix plus a fresh fruit garnish keep the drink flirty and fun.


Eataly: Yours, Mine and Ours

Available at two restaurants in Eataly — il Pesce and Terra — is a true love trio of drinks, charmingly named Yours, Mine and Ours. Yours is a bourbon, montenegro and Aperol mix with lemon; Mine is a raspberry gin fizz, complete with muddled berries. If you want to split a sip with your darling (they say sharing is caring), order the Ours, a citrustry cocktail made with gin, rum, campari, pineapple and lime juice.


dante/il Casale: Honey Bunny & Lover’s Quarrel

You’ll adore the sweet drink offerings at dante & il Casale (owned by the de Magistris brothers). Their Honey Bunny has prosecco, pomegranate, clement creole shrubb and (fittingly) honey and is garnished by a heart-shaped orange peel. Feeling more fiery than flirty? Try their Lover’s Quarrel with el jimador tequila, pineapple, cynar, turbinado, bruleed orange.


City Bar: Ruby

The color of love is captured in a cocktail by City Bar, and it’s one your date will love (not more than you, of course). Made with pomegranate juice and ginger syrup then topped with champagne, Ruby is sexy, sweet, and sure to be an aphrodisiac after just a few sips.


Glass House: Orange Espresso Martini

Celebrating your first Valentine’s Day together with your boo? The kick of caffeine and pinch of citrus in Glass House‘s Orange Espresso Martini will keep you feeling engaged and excited about your relationship milestone. Cheers to that!

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