Virtual Whiskey Tasting with The Smoke Shop

The Smoke Shop

Get to know some western whiskies with some guidance from the experts. The folks at The Smoke Shop are hosting a virtual Wyoming Whiskey Tasting on April 15th at 7:00pm. Tickets are $65 each, and there’s some serious bang for your buck — the price covers a cocktail kit with the ingredients and tools to create your very own Whiskey Smash (a drink in which bourbon is the star of the show), an assortment of three unique offerings from the award-winning Wyoming Whiskey Distillery and your choice of ‘Pit Boss’ BBQ plate. Plate 1 includes Ribs, Pulled Pork and Burnt Ends while Plate 2 features Wings, Pulled Chicken and Brisket. Expert tip if you’re having trouble choosing: attend the virtual event with a friend or family member and get one of each plate to share (and cocktails for both!). Plus, the sides include warm, buttery cornbread (a must) and fresh cucumber salad (to balance out all the meat, of course). Pick-up for the meal and booze is available at any of the four locations the day of the event — just pick the outpost that’s most convenient for you and enjoy a little taste of the Wild West much closer to home

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